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Tel: 07860 346 342

Simon Foster & James Dean

Acoustic Duo

This combination of beautiful and subtle guitar from James Dean and thoughtful well crafted vocals from Simon Foster is not to be missed.


About Us

After many years of working closely on various projects ranging from Pop and Blues, to Yacht Rock and Jazz, Simon and James have come together as a duo to bring some of their favourite songs from the last five decades, working together to produce a result that is sure to delight fans of hook-laden songs, subtle and emotional guitar playing and soulful vocals, tapping into a multitude of influences along the way.

As an international artist, Simon Foster (Flying Pickets, Arcelia, Baltimore Keys, Thunderthumbs, JD Blues Band) has been performing and touring for more than thirty years. He was described by Karamel Music Club as “like Joe Cocker in Van Morrison’s hat and James Morrison’s socks. Ace!"

Hugely respected by all his musical peers, James Dean has been playing guitar for more than thirty years. From the JD Blues Band to his acclaimed Jazz album “Here and Now” his flexible and lyrical guitar style across a vast range of genres, has seen him perform with a range of bands including The Baltimore Keys, EK1, The Blues Bandits, Monsters on a Leash and the Westcoast All Stars, supporting legendary artists like Nile Rodgers and Chic.


The Simon Foster & James Dean Duo is a project that has been spoken of for many years and is finally born. One voice, one guitar and some great songs.

Music & Video

Moon Over Bourbon St - Simon Foster & James Dean
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